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Summer 21 Newsletter

Good afternoon

The last year has made many of us pause and given us time to think about the world and the environment around us. The G7 meeting in Cornwall at the weekend has also been a very local reminder of climate change discussions and how these affect us.



At Chadwick, we have always worked with expert teams who focus on global diversification and investment fund management expertise on behalf of our long-standing clients. I am pleased to tell you that many UK Financial companies are also considering their impact on the environment and adopting environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues at the heart of their investment decisions.

Recent Aegon research found that 95 per cent of people say they recycle and 59 per cent avoid single-use plastics, yet only 15 per cent note ESG investing as a way they are actively supporting a sustainable society.

Prudential, one of the largest and well-known providers that many Chadwick clients invest with, aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. They have introduced a 10-step plan (below) and it’s reassuring to know that they are taking steps to adopt ESG when developing their investment portfolios.


Source: 2020/21


For clients who wish to go one step further, Parmenion’s ethical investment proposition allows clients to invest in an ethical and sustainable way while retaining a suitable level of risk and we have been working with Parmenion for many years now for our clients seeking ethical investments.


Sustainable or ethical investing doesn’t need to come at the cost of higher returns. In fact, many PruFund clients who log into our client site will have seen their valuations increase since the latest PruFund review on 25th May, with the PruFund Growth ISA fund, for example, receiving a unit price adjustment uplift of 3.9% overnight. Other ISA, Bond and older-style pension funds also received an increase, and many pension funds not affected had already received an uplift earlier this year.


The last year has been very worrying for investors who saw their valuations drop in March 2020, which has led to some clients choosing to leave money in their cash accounts. Did you know that cash savings of £20,000 with an interest rate of 1% would have a buying power of £19,495 after 5 years when inflation is considered? If you invested the same £20,000 and received annual growth of 4% after charges, the buying power after 5 years would be £22,617. After 10 years the figures change to £19,003 and £25,577 respectively, and that’s if inflation stays below 1.5%.



Chadwick remains committed to using market leading technology alongside local, trusted advice to support our clients’ investment and retirement planning needs and to look to improve on cash savings for the long-term. We will continue to work with our clients on their individual needs; goals and objectives and their own views on sustainable investment.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss anything mentioned in this newsletter. I am very happy to review your portfolio with you or have a look at improving on cash savings/cash ISA rates or discuss any specific queries you many have on sustainable investing.


Kind regards




PS. Don’t forget we’re reopening the office 3 days a week initially from Tuesday 29th June. Please give us a wave if you’re in Dartmouth!