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Preparing for health uncertainty; why you should consider your future options.

Private Medical Insurance & Healthcare

The news headlines that spring up on a weekly basis make scary reading if you are concerned about the future of your healthcare:


Unfortunately, the headlines may continue to bring worrying facts about the inability of the NHS to provide surgical treatment for non-life-threatening conditions due to lack of capacity and increasing demand.

Not only are we faced with longer waits for surgery, with 211,434 patients on a waiting list for more than 6 months, but there has been a significant rise in the number of operations cancelled due to non-clinical reasons i.e. bed shortages. During the quarter ending 30th June 2018, 18,806 operations were cancelled which represents 1% of all elective surgical activity. Between January and March 2018, 25,475 NHS operations were cancelled on the day of operation.
*All these statistics are sourced from NHS England.

So, are you concerned about your future healthcare provision?

How would you feel if you were in pain and discomfort awaiting surgery, unable to work or continue to do those things you enjoy?

What if you eventually have a date for your surgical procedure, so you prepare mentally, prepare with your family/ friends, work colleagues etc and in some cases you may have to physically prepare for the operation, and then you turn up on the day of admission only to have the operation cancelled. That is becoming a too familiar scenario.

We may have solutions for your future healthcare. We have the facility to provide a range of Health Insurance plans for you locally, with Health Insurance professionals you can trust. These are affordable and importantly provide health cover based on clinical need with freedom of choice so that patients can choose where, when and by whom they are treated.

And it’s not just the big stuff. We can also help with optical care including eye tests, dental treatment, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy and more. Children under the age of 18 are included in many benefits for free meaning that you can get specialist treatment for them when they need it.

We only work with and recommend Health Insurers who offer qualified expertise, transparency and ethical advice.

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