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Our People

Karen Cooper

Principal and Independent Financial Adviser and Equity Release Specialist

Some financial advisers would have you believe that what we do is all about spreadsheets, charts, and actuarial data. I disagree. To me, it’s all about people. And that’s been my belief throughout the 33years I’ve spent at Chadwick Financial Management, the family firm in Dartmouth. I love being part of a small community here in Dartmouth and know each of my clients personally and I pride myself on giving them excellent advice, which is just as well as I bump into them in the street every day!. I am a longstanding Top Rated IFA at Vouched For and a member of the Later Life Academy. I aim to have a lifelong professional relationship with every one of my clients –I’ll be there for you every step of the way, ready to offer you advice on every aspect of your financial life and I specialise in later Life Advice which includes pension review and planning and general to retirement planning and investments plus Equity Release and Estate Planning. I began my career at an insurance company, was headhunted by the Knightsbridge mortgage adviser John Charcol in the Eighties and have been here in Dartmouth since 1991… but more importantly, I’m looking forward to working with you.

Callum Pye

Independent Financial Adviser & Equity Release Specialist

As someone who prides themselves on building relationships with customers and clients over a 30-year period in Operational Business Management, I became a Financial Adviser after a conversation with my father-in-Law who had spent his entire career in supporting and guiding people with their finances.
I quickly realised that it is was not just about providing facts and figures, but about knowing the clients needs and objectives and advising accordingly which in turn builds a long, effective, and trusting relationship with my clients.
Regardless of age, I pride myself on guiding clients through life’s financial tapestry and helping them as their objectives and circumstances change, as they inevitably do. I enjoy looking after clients and I’m fully qualified to advise on mortgages, protection, investments and pensions and hold a specific qualification in equity release. I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey.


Tanith Byles

IFA Admin Manager

I have been working as an IFA administrator since 2012 in Devon and Bristol and qualified as an independent Equity Release adviser in 2021. Born in Paignton, I graduated from Swansea University in 2009 with a BA Hons in Classical Civilisation, focusing on Ancient Greek language and literature. Before moving into financial planning, I worked as a library assistant for a decade and am still an avid bookworm. When not in the office, I’m normally exploring the beautiful scenery of Devon with my daughter, tap dancing or playing the harp.

Lisa Ball (nee Bishop)

Independent Insurance Specialist

I’m not a website. I don’t compare meerkats. I don’t offer you a hundred insurance quotations, many of them entirely inappropriate for you, at the touch of a button. Call me old-fashioned if you like, but I’m a real human being with more than 19 years of professional experience of giving people real-world advice on their home insurance. And unlike the comparison websites and meerkat pedlars, my service to you doesn’t stop when you’ve taken out a policy and paid for it. I’ll always be on hand to answer any queries you have or to give you advice if you ever have to claim, and I’ll be able to help you make sense of the market when your policies are up for renewal. Having spent more than 17 years at Peter Goord Insurance, I’m used to advising on household insurance for home owners, tenants and landlords – and I give that advice in clear, understandable English instead of impressive-sounding but incomprehensible fluent small-print. I can find you cover from sources that members of the public can’t access, and I can obtain it at prices that may surprise you if you’re used to the one-size-fits-all take-it-or-leave-it deals that so many people put up with. You deserve better.

Sylvia Read

Independent Financial Adviser

I am currently based in Tiverton but grew up in Herefordshire. I originally joined Prudential as a Sales Support Analyst and eventually trained to be an adviser through them. I eventually joined Wesleyan Assurance Society and specialised with teachers and doctors as a limited range financial adviser. I became independent 14 years ago. I enjoy cooking, walking, craft work and spending time with my two children.